For the last three years, large families or families raising disabled children in Lithuania have been able to use the Family Card. As the day of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child approaches, which is celebrated on 20 November, the Family Card partners’ event will be held in Kaunas. During it, partners will be thanked for the cooperation and those who have contributed the most to this noble mission will be rewarded. The event will take place on 18 November, in Kaunas, at the Children’s Educational Entertainment Centre „CurioCity”.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted on 20 November 1989, is the main document on the basis of which the rights of the child are guaranteed and the goal is for all children in the world to have a happy childhood.

„The Family Card is an effective tool that contributes to the welfare of families. For three years now, large families and families raising disabled children can take advantage of discounts and benefits provided by the Family Card. I thank all the partners of the Family Card for their goodwill and cooperation in supporting Lithuanian families”, says Monika Navickienė, Minister of Social Security and Labour.

More than 40 thousand families have the right to the Family Card, and more than 29 thousand Lithuanian families use the card. Currently, about 280 partners participate in the Family Card program. Goods or services with the privileges of this card can be purchased in approximately 2,000 places, and the initiatives of companies operating on the Internet are expanding. The interactive map of the card’s benefits has been viewed over a million times.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been cooperation with foreign partners from Latvia and Estonia, and Poland has also joined the program.

„We appreciate the Baltic Family Card’s contribution to supporting families through this program and are very proud to be a part of it. This year we have already reached an agreement with 23 partners on the application of the Baltic Family Card to Lithuanian and Estonian families. We hope to expand this initiative.  We are pleased with the privileges provided to Latvian families when traveling around Lithuania. We hope that our cooperation will only grow stronger and that families will have more and more opportunities in the Baltic States,“ emphasized Zaiga Pūce, Director of the Secretariat of the Public Integration Foundation of Latvia.

Family Card Award Nominees

Companies operating nationally or only in a specific region will be awarded in 4 categories: „ICEBREAKER 2022”, „SMALL AND MIGHTY 2022”, „ENTERTAINMENT OF THE YEAR 2022” and „VIRTUAL OF THE YEAR 2022”.

The nominees of the „ICEBREAKER 2022” category have been announced: UAB Calvary hotel and restaurant, SE Trakai History Museum and museum branches, and LTG Link passenger transport company of Lietuvos geležinkeliai. This nomination is intended to honour a partner whose inclusion in the Family Card program has had a significant impact on motivating others to join.

The nominees of the „SMALL AND MIGHTY 2022” category were: Oregano Pizza from MB Raudonėlio pica pizzeria, the pool of BO Marijampolės sporto centras, and the restaurant, i.e. pizzeria of UAB Namų fabriko valda. This nomination will honour a partner – a representative of a small business or operating on a regional scale.

The nominees of the „ENTERTAINMENT OF THE YEAR 2022” category have been announced: the Lithuanian Sea Museum, the National Museum, the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and UAB Educatus Fun Centre for Children „CurioCity”. This nomination is intended to honour a partner that has significantly expanded the possibilities for families to have fun and learn while having fun.

The nominees of the „VIRTUAL OF THE YEAR 2022” category were: PE Terra Publica book publishing house, UAB Aconitum and UAB Studio moderna online store, as well as the store chain TopShop and Dormeo. The winner of the nomination will be the partner, which gives families the widest range of digital opportunities, and which makes the benefits visit their homes regardless of the location where they live.

How to become a Family Card partner?

Public and private legal entities are invited to join the Family Card program.

They can provide discounts on three levels:

* Card guest – when the privileges with the Family Card are of single use;

* Card friend – when privileges are to be provided for the duration of three to six months;

* Card partner – when all circumstances related to the provision of privileges are coordinated and a partnership agreement is signed.

You can find more information on how to become a partner and the benefits provided by the Partnership at:

Who can get a Family Card?

A large family is a family raising 3 or more children, who may also be adopted or under permanent guardianship and are under the age of 18.

Adult children up to the age of 24 are also included in the composition of a large family, if they do not have their own children and are studying in a general education school, a vocational school under the formal education program to obtain the first qualification or are studying in a higher education institution under the permanent study form program.

An adult child remains a member of a large family after completing general education until September of that year, when studies at universities or vocational schools traditionally begin.

A large family can include two parents or just one parent. If the couple divorces, the status of a large family remains with the parent with whom 3 or more children live in accordance with the court’s decision. A family with children from previous marriages may also get a card, when there are 3 or more children in the family, regardless of the marriage in which the children were born.

It is important that only the parent with whom the child lives by court decision or parental consent has the right to receive a Family Card, and in total, there must be at least 3 children in his or her family.

A family caring for a disabled child is a family in which a child whose level of disability has been determined or an unmarried person of working age who has a special need for permanent supervision (assistance) or a special need for permanent care lives together with the parents.

How can the Family Card be acquired?

The request to receive a Family Card can be filled out on the website, prepared in the written from (the application form can be found on the website) and sent to the Department of Supervision of Social Services by post at the address Vivulskio st. 13, 03162 Vilnius, or submitted directly upon arrival at the specified address of the Department.

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