Become a Family Card partner and give Privileges!

Become a Partner of the Family Card by providing on-going regional Privileges to Family Cardholders. Privileges and / or benefits are provided by filling in the application form and signing a written cooperation agreement. The applicant is granted the status of a card partner, and the provided Privileges are placed in the “Find Privileges” section.

How does it work?

A Family Card partner who has entered into a written cooperation agreement has obligations to provide the Privileges specified in the agreement for the entire period specified in the agreement, granting the right to use the card mark, publishing information by all means of card promotion, including card stands, website partner section, stickers, banners, inclusion on the card map.

After choosing the card partner’s Privileges level, a public or private legal entity must submit an application to the Department of Supervision of Social Services by filling in the application form on the card’s website, after which negotiations on signing a cooperation agreement begin

How to participate?

1. Submission of the application

An electronic application form containing the required information shall be completed and submitted.

2. Assessment of the application

The completed and submitted electronic application form is evaluated by the administrator (DSSS).

3. Harmonization of contract terms

Once the application is approved, the applicant is contacted by the administrator (DSSS). The stage of harmonization of the preliminary terms of the cooperation agreement begins, where any provision of the agreement (not only terms) can be the subject of negotiations.

4. Signing the contract

After agreeing the terms of the contract with the applicant, a written cooperation agreement is signed.

5. Card partner status

After signing the cooperation agreement, the applicant is granted the status of a Card Partner, and the Privileges provided by him are placed in the "Find Privileges" section of the website.

An application form

Apply to become a Family Card partner.

IMPORTANT: After signing a contract with the Department of Supervision of Social Services, the card partner is issued a family card mark, which is used at the place of discount during the discount period. Upon expiration and non-renewal of the card partner’s discount period, the card partner loses the right to use the card mark.

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