Who is the Family Card for?

Family cards will be available to large families and families with disabled children.

What is families with disabled children?

A family with disabled children or family who caring for a disabled person – a family in which one of the parents is appointed as the guardian of an incapacitated person, caring for or caring for a disabled minor or 55 percent of the disabled. and an adult child with reduced working capacity. The child may be of legal age, but must live with his parents.

Requirements and documentation

In order to obtain a family card, all you need to do to protect your personal data is just a few steps, we will ask www.spis.lt to enter or revise your e-mail and tick a few.

The family card will be produced in accordance with the information provided in the Family Support Information System (SPIS) and sent to the actual or declared place of residence. Priority will be given to the actual place of residence. Before that, however, families will receive emails requesting consent for a Family Card. Without such consent, the Family Card will not be produced and downloaded for enhanced personal data protection.

If the family data is not available in SPIS (this can happen if the family has not filled out or applied for the child’s money or is not entitled to receive it when the child is over 21), it is worth registering and applying online at www.spis.lt. A video guide on how to join SPIS can be viewed here.

If you do not wish to register with the system, the family card can be obtained by filling in an application with the Department of Social Services (SPPD). It can be sent by post or delivered on arrival at the SPPD. The application form is approved in the Family Card Procedure and copies of attached documents must be certified.

Please note that SPIS processes personal data contained in a standard and electronic form in the application for a card and in the online documentation or identification of the card, as well as in the registers and information systems for the purposes of identification and access. For a complete list of the data processed, see section 4 of the SPIS Privacy Policy.

Certified copies of personal data documents attached to the application, which are not in state and departmental registers or state information systems (as appropriate):
* A copy of the applicant’s identity document
* “Family (Cohabiting) Data for Social Assistance Form SP-1” (may be completed in SPIS) approved by Order of the Minister of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania “On Approval of Certain Forms Required for Social Assistance” (review law)
* Disability certificate or other documents certifying the child’s disability issued by the Invalidity and Disability Determination Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor.
* Certificate of Determination of Special Needs of a Cared Person from the Disability and Disability Determination Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor (NDNT)
* Judgment on the determination of the child’s place of residence
* Court decision on incapacitation of an adult (guardian child) in a particular area and appointment of a guardian or guardian, determination of the minor’s place of residence
* Certificate of the declared place of residence of the family members (when the child is of age and lives with his / her parents).

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