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Nuolaidų paieška paveikslėlis


Discover discounts and benefits for Family Card holders (in Lithuanian language).

Offer discounts / perks and become a Family Card partner

Public legal entities and companies are invited to join the Family Card program. They can offer discounts at three levels: Card Guest, Friend and Partner..

They can offer discounts at three levels:

  1. The Card Guest provides one-time discounts to Family Card holders.
  2. The Card Friend provides discounts for agreed goods or services for at least 3 months.
  3. The Card Partner shall provide discounts and discounts for at least 6 months.


Card Guest

The Card Guest Partner provides local or short term discounts.

Card Friend

Card Friend Partner status provides ongoing regional discounts.

Card Partner

Partner with Card Partner status offers long-term discounts of national significance.

After choosing one of the discount levels, a public or private legal entity must contact Department of Social Services.

The friend or partner of the card, after signing a contract with the Department of Social Services, is issued with a family card badge, which is used at the discount point during the discount period. Upon expiry of the Card Partner’s discount period and without renewal, the Card Partner loses the right to use the Card badge.

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