Lithuanian Sea Museum

Lithuanian Sea Museum invites to visit its enriched and upgraded exhibitions of sea fauna and navigation history, aquarium, dolphin performances, Baltic Sea Animal Rehabilitation Center, ship-museum M52 Sūduvis, festivals and events.

Card Partner undertakes to grant the following privileges in Lithuanian Sea Museum to the Family Card holders of the Honorary family certificate Honorary Family Certificate “Apliecība “Goda ģimene”” (Republic of Latvia) and the Family Card “Perekaart” (Republic of Estonia) upon presentation of a physical or electronic Family Card on the cash desk:

    • 20% discount on ALL tickets to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium and the Dolphin show;
    • 5% discount in Museum souvenir shop and (or) kiosk;
    • the price of privilege ticket is rounded to the nearest whole value in Euros: less than 0,50 Eur is rounded down, more than 0,50 Eur is rounded up;
    • the price of privilege ticket do not sum to other discounts applied in the Card Partner’s system;
    • discounts are not applied to festive performances and special events;

Family Cardholders are free to choose whether they want to use the loyalty programme of the Card Partner or the special loyalty programme of the Family Card.

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Lithuanian Sea Museum
Smiltynės 3, 93100, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Discounts are valid until:
Till 31 of January 2024
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