Fielmann optical salons, PLLC „Baltoptik“

„Fielmann AG”, founded more than 40 years ago, fundamentally changed the optical market by offering its customers many innovative solutions that were not available on the market until then. One of them is the low prices of high-quality glasses, so that fashionable glasses can be worn by everyone, not just high-income customers.

As manufacturers, sellers and opticians, we can ensure the highest quality of the goods we sell and professional customer service.

Exclusively for Family Card holders the following Privileges are granted upon presenting an Honorary Family Certificate “Apliecība “Goda ģimene”” (of the Republic of Latvia) and the Family Card “Perekaart” (of the Republic of Estonia) physical or virtual at the places of services, provided at the cash desk or Optical specialist for review:

54 EUR discount on glasses for children or adults with disabilities of your family, i.e. the price of glasses with the lenses of a limited range of glasses is available from the price of 1 EUR;

One child can purchase one pair of prescription glasses for EUR 1 once in 1 (one) year;

Applying a discount of EUR 54, when glasses are ordered with a surcharge (costing more than EUR 1), prescription glasses can be purchased at a discount without limiting their quantity;

Without a child, without fitting the frame to the face, orders are not accepted.

If there is a need to produce individually ordered thinned lenses with larger dioptres, a discount of EUR 54 is applied from the current price list.

Family Cardholders are free to choose whether they want to use the loyalty programme of the Card Partner or the special loyalty programme of the Family Card.

Fielmann optika, UAB „Baltoptik“

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UAB „Baltoptik“
Vilniaus g. 4-4, 01102 Vilnius
+370 37 350328
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