Anteja, largest network of laboratory diagnostics and treatment, blood and laboratory tests

“Antėja”, the largest network of laboratory diagnostics and treatment, invites all Family Cardholders to take advantage of a 20% discount on blood and laboratory tests throughout Lithuania. Preventive tests give you confidence in your HEALTH.

Discounts do not apply to: testing programmes, allergy, food intolerance, microbiology, COVID PCR, COVID Antigen tests and other tests marked with an asterisk in the price list.

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The Privileges are granted for Cardholder provided an Honorary Family Certificate “Apliecība “Goda ģimene”” (of the Republic of Latvia) and the Family Card “Perekaart” (of the Republic of Estonia) physical or virtual at the places of services provided in Lithuania, upon presentation of the Family Card at the cash desk for review.

The member of the above-mentioned programmes may be asked to provide personal identification document.

The members of the above-mentioned programmes have complete freedom to decide whether to use or not the Privileges provided by the Card Partner or other Car Privileges.

Antėja kraujo ir laboratorijos tyrimai

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SIA “Diagnostikos laboratorija“
Žemaičių pl. Str. 37, 48178 Kaunas, Lithuania
+370 700 55511
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